The precise and demanding nature of the company’s engineering background has often necessitated difficult decisions and imaginative solutions. Not surprisingly, this resulted in Viewranks evolving a ‘can-do’ attitude to property development.

Over time, development became a key facet of the business. Multiple schemes – and multiple generations – have honed the company’s core competences and processes to give Viewranks the ability to deliver projects with maximum efficiencies.

Viewranks will typically acquire property unconditionally, with a clear business plan and a strong understanding of how a building will be used to its maximum potential. Should preparations need to be made for the end of a building’s life, a full team of professionals will reposition the asset in-line with the current and future demands of the occupational market. Once planning consent has been secured Viewranks calls upon its team of preferred contractors, selecting the company best suited to the relevant project.

“Throughout our company history we have embraced change. It’s that experience that allows us to manage the risks of any development. Understanding those risks takes experience, judgement and vision”

Peter Beim