The company’s ethos can be summarised in one word – Respect. The company respects those it works with, those we are associated with and those who are affected by any projects we undertake.


Working within the property industry makes it almost inevitable that works undertaken by Viewranks will have some degree of influence on local communities.
Being long-term investors, the company appreciates the impact any development can have, and looks to include the views of local people throughout the design, construction and occupation stages of ownership.
Viewranks is committed to supporting social cohesion, economic prosperity and inclusive growth, and strives to be a brand that continues to be trusted – one that employees are proud to work for.


Viewranks recognises the importance of being aware of, and involved in, both social and environmental causes.
The JOED Foundation ( Charity Registration No. 1161581, is Viewranks’ own charitable company which has been created for public benefit in order to help local communities with social and environmental issues.


Being a multi-generational family owned business, concern over the future of our environment is inherent in the Viewranks DNA.
The company acknowledges the need for sustainable buildings and looks to create environmentally-sound designs and harness the most efficient building materials and modern construction techniques across all projects.