Viewranks retains the purpose and discretion of a family business, while still welcoming external partnerships and new investment opportunities.

From traditional joint ventures with other family offices and private individuals, to more bespoke services that require a longer-term working relationship, Viewranks actively seeks out challenging and interesting projects within all areas of the property market. It is here that the Viewranks blend of experience and entrepreneurship can create exciting and beneficial outcomes.

Along with larger organisations and private investors, the company also offers opportunities for micro investors to gain exposure to certain development projects. Originally established to allow family members to invest directly into Viewranks projects, the platform is now open to external investors with a minimum investment level of £50,000.

Typically Viewranks will acquire properties independently, obtain planning consent and then offer shares to individuals for the construction and sales stages. At this point a project has greater transparency of costs, timescale and risk and so becomes more appropriate to outside investment.

If you would like further information on Micro Investing please contact us.

‘We would always invest alongside any external partner and look to align everyone’s interests for mutual benefit. We value long-term relationships, and by investing with Viewranks your money will be treated as if it were our own’

Richard Beim