Viewranks – The Philosophy

Privately owned and multi-faceted, the company has operated in a highly discreet manner for over 65 years, acquiring and developing commercial and residential property in London.

Alongside growing and managing the company’s diverse property portfolio, the specialist team of multi-disciplinary industry professionals has provided expertise, experience and enthusiasm to projects owned by external partners.  Clients include other family offices, private individuals, larger corporations and institutional investors all with a similar focus of delivering well designed and crafted property.

The company’s external work is based on the philosophy – to look after its clients’ interests as if they were its own; which has led to long standing and mutually beneficial client relationships. It is a company built on endeavour and trust. One that will continue to grow, with acumen, honour and purpose, into the future.

Senior Management

Peter Beim

Peter, together with brother Andrew, has run the group’s engineering and property companies for over 50 years.

Upon these solid foundations Viewranks’ property portfolio was established. Still actively involved with the company, Peter focuses his energies and expertise on new enterprises and partnerships, together with advising the JOED charitable foundation.

Richard Beim
Managing Director

Over 20 years of experience in the property sector empowered Richard with a diverse and relevant skillset before he joined Viewranks as Managing Director.

Richard is responsible for all aspects of the company and new business opportunities. Originally a chartered surveyor, Richard worked in fund management at Legal and General Plc and in the central London investment market at BC Retail.

Firas Albardan
Operations & Asset Manager

Before joining Viewranks, Firas specialised in delivering construction projects in the residential and commercial sectors.

Alongside managing and enhancing the value of the existing portfolio, Firas is a driving force behind the strategic growth of the company by actively sourcing the right sites, unlocking development opportunities and maximising their potential.

Sherry Owen
Administration Manager

With over 18 years experience in the marketing and property industries, Sherry oversees the day to day operations of the company.

Combining interests and backgrounds in design, marketing and accountancy, ensures Sherry has a comprehensive understanding of the assets and business. This understanding allows her to bind together the aims of colleagues and form the efficient team ethos embedded within Viewranks.




Joseph Beim was the founder of a group of enterprises, including Platarg and Viewranks, that led to the company of today. Originally, Platarg was a company that manufactured dental equipment and jewellery, before successfully expanding into the metal pressings industry. Viewranks was subsequently established as the property division, concentrating on property investment. The company’s first, purpose-built factory was constructed in Hammersmith in 1950, and is still held in Viewranks’ investment portfolio to this day.

1960 — 1980

The second generation of the Beim family, Andrew and Peter, worked within the group to actively expand the businesses. The engineering company established purpose-built sales, service and manufacturing facilities in London and the USA. Viewranks retained responsibility for the design and construction of all properties occupied by the Platarg company. During this period, further investment assets within the UK were also acquired.


The family’s manufacturing and property investment companies continued to grow. Platarg received the prestigious Queen’s Award for Technology. Viewranks also completed the design and build of new industrial facilities in Park Royal. At this point the Group employed over 200 staff servicing customers in multiple worldwide markets, including the USA and the People’s Republic of China, as well as working on property-related projects in the UK and abroad.

2000 — 2010

A greater emphasis placed on property investment resulted in the engineering business being sold in 2005. Viewranks continued to develop within commercial and residential sectors, producing multi-unit developments and high-end family housing in South West London. During this period the first property-related services and construction works were also undertaken on projects outside of the Viewranks’ portfolio.


Richard Beim joined Viewranks as Managing Director. The company continued to follow the forward-looking principles of the past – expanding the business in a secure manner while being open-minded in pursuit of new markets and opportunities.